About Us

Make FIX ALL your first choice for all of your Repairs needs! We offer safe and reliable service guarantee.

Go with the company that more people trust, FIX ALL!

From Leaky Basements, Water Ingress and cleanup, Leaky Faucets, Taps, Minot electrical repairs, Cleanup, Caretaker and Transport, Call us for same Day service and repairs.

FIX ALL is proud to offer Glass & Mirror, Door and window service, Brick and Block Repair, Thermal Imaging service and is licensed and insured!

License Number T85-4064844
Trade Number B22079
Commercial Liability: $5 000 000

Our Clients

  • Red Cliffe Realty
  • Solution Pro
  • Quality Solutions
  • Metro Door
  • National Maintenance Service
  • Guess
  • Apple
  • Pier One
  • Aeropostle